The Challenges and Potential of Crypto AR & AP

Pat and Rafael chat with Eleni Steinman, CEO of Loop Crypto, about the challenges and potential of Crypto AR & AP (Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable) in the evolving world of cryptocurrency.

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  • (01:42) - Background on Eleni Steinman
  • (06:04) - What got you excited to go off on your own and start your own company?
  • (09:52) - What crypto coin are you most focused on?
  • (11:44) - Who do you typically partner with to off-ramp?
  • (13:29) - Tell us a little more about Loop
  • (18:15) - Did your job working for the Export–Import Bank influence how you think about crypto?
  • (19:50) - Is Loop US based or global? And what type of issues do you face globally?
  • (23:04) - What are your thoughts on streaming payments?
  • (26:47) - Can you tell us the challenges you see with AP and AR
  • (30:49) - How do you think about public vs obfuscated blockchains?
  • (34:08) - What else is getting you excited about crypto right now?
  • (36:32) - What do you see as some of the challenges with crypto?
  • (38:04) - How should accounting firms be talking to clients about crypto payments
  • (42:39) - Does Loop work with any nonprofits?
  • (44:30) - How does Loop factor in other pieces related to payments? Buy now pay later models?
  • (46:00) - Thanks Eleni and where to reach her and learn more about Loop

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Creators and Guests

Patrick White
Patrick White
SF Software Entrepreneur, CEO of Bitwave (Crypto Accounting) Angel investor, bitcoin fan. Former Synata, Cisco, & Microsoft
Rafael Casas
Rafael Casas
Rafael Casas is the Vice President of Business Development at Bitwave.
 Eleni Steinman
Eleni Steinman
Eleni Steinman is the founder and CEO of Loop Crypto, where she is enabling autopay in web3. Loop’s suite of APIs, tooling, and smart contracts make it simple for businesses and projects to receive and send crypto payments on an automated basis. With her co-founder Shane van Coller, Eleni founded Loop in 2021 to solve the challenge of on-chan recurring transactions. Loop is backed by premier investors including a16z, Archetype, A.Capital, Alchemy Ventures, CoinList, and dozens of angels who are builders and founders themselves. For over 5 years, Eleni has worked full-time in crypto. Prior to starting Loop, she joined bloXroute Labs where she was the Head of Strategy and Operations. Before bloXroute, Eleni had a career in the public sector working at the Export-Import Bank of the United States, the State Department, and the White House. She holds an MBA degree from the Yale School of Management where Eleni first began exploring and writing about crypto. Eleni has a master’s degree in finance from the University of Florida where she completed her undergraduate studies as well.
The Challenges and Potential of Crypto AR & AP
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