Using Web3 to Revolutionize Accounting Processes

Pat and Rafael dive into the world of Web3 with Jared Klee, Director of Web3 at Vouch. From on-chain verifiable credentials to tax returns, we uncover the potential impact of Web3 on accounting workflows and discuss how companies can leverage these advancements to streamline their accounting processes.

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  • (00:00) - CWA E6
  • (00:34) - Introducing our Guest Jared Klee
  • (01:29) - How did you get into Web3 and start your career?
  • (09:51) - How do you think Private vs. Public Blockchains have changed?
  • (15:54) - What is it going to take for the supply chain to get distributed by crypto?
  • (26:48) - What is the hardest part of ensuring Web Three Companies?
  • (38:01) - What is some advice you would give accountants on how to advise their clients?
  • (46:59) - What gets you excited about Web3 recently?

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Creators and Guests

Patrick White
Patrick White
SF Software Entrepreneur, CEO of Bitwave (Crypto Accounting) Angel investor, bitcoin fan. Former Synata, Cisco, & Microsoft
Rafael Casas
Rafael Casas
Rafael Casas is the Vice President of Business Development at Bitwave.
Jared Klee
Jared Klee
Jared is the Vouch Director of Web3. Before Vouch, he co-founded a blockchain-based fintech startup, and held multiple roles at IBM including leading Digital Assets at IBM Blockchain and founding IBM Watson Risk & Compliance. You can find him on Twitter "@kleebeard" and publishing weekly at Fintech & Finance.
Using Web3 to Revolutionize Accounting Processes
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