Blockchain's Potential to Disrupt Accounting

In this episode, our guest, Dr. Sean Stein Smith, CPA shares his thoughts on how blockchain technology is set to change the world of accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing. Rafael, Pat, and Dr. Sean also discuss the need for good accounting standards in the crypto space and the challenges faced by regulators while adopting them.

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  • (00:00) - CWA E4
  • (00:39) - Background on Guest Dr. Sean Stein Smith
  • (08:00) - Where you surprised when FASB said they were rethinking their standards?
  • (17:16) - When does the FDICget involved?
  • (23:42) - Thoughts on the FTX collapse
  • (32:04) - What are your lessons or takeaways from FTX?
  • (48:06) - Things to expect in blockchain in 2023
  • (56:33) - How to contact Dr. Sean Stein Smith

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Creators and Guests

Patrick White
Patrick White
SF Software Entrepreneur, CEO of Bitwave (Crypto Accounting) Angel investor, bitcoin fan. Former Synata, Cisco, & Microsoft
Rafael Casas
Rafael Casas
Rafael Casas is the Vice President of Business Development at Bitwave.
Dr Sean Stein Smith
Dr Sean Stein Smith
@LehmanCollege Prof, @WallStreetBTC Board, @GildedFinance Board, @NJBIZ Power 50 @NYSSCPA 40 under 40 @NJCPA Ovation Award @AIER Fellow @ForbesCrypto
Blockchain's Potential to Disrupt Accounting
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