"Must Have" Features in Crypto Accounting Software

Pat and Rafael dive into Bitwave's recent blog post about "must have" features crypto accounting software should contain in order to ensure compliance with the Financial Accounting Standards Board's (FASB) proposed new accounting rules for organizations holding crypto and digital assets.

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  • (00:00) - Crypto With Accountants Episode 03
  • (00:20) - Introduction and what this episode will cover
  • (03:16) - Implementation and customer success
  • (10:43) - What Multi Subsidiary can provide customers
  • (12:38) - Why the "Banking hours" has no correlation with Cryptocurrencies
  • (17:18) - Why is FP&A so important to Crypto?
  • (25:47) - How money is sensitive in the blockchain world?
  • (34:59) - Expense Reporting
  • (41:00) - Security in the crypto world
  • (44:11) - NFT Paris

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Creators and Guests

Patrick White
Patrick White
SF Software Entrepreneur, CEO of Bitwave (Crypto Accounting) Angel investor, bitcoin fan. Former Synata, Cisco, & Microsoft
Rafael Casas
Rafael Casas
Rafael Casas is the Vice President of Business Development at Bitwave.
"Must Have" Features in Crypto Accounting Software
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