I'm an Engineer and I Really Like Accountants

Special guest Ron Quaranta joins Rafael Casas and Patrick White to kick off the first episode of the Crypto With Accountants podcast. They cover the early history of fintech, emergence or crypto, and the creation of a trade association - Wall Street Blockchain Alliance. Pat also predicts what he thinks will be the hot crypto trend in summer 2023...

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Links mentioned in this episode
Wall Street Blockchain Alliance
The Enterprise Digital Asset Summit

  • (00:00) - Introduction and some background on Pat and Ron
  • (04:21) - Accountants today are very innovative
  • (07:42) - Bitwave's first major partners were small sole proprietors
  • (09:32) - Ron, how did you get into the crypto space?
  • (16:51) - What is the WSBA Digital Asset Industry Principles Initiative
  • (20:35) - Old phrases and bridging the current world with the wolrd we're trying to get to
  • (29:15) - How martial arts lessons translate to business and life
  • (35:03) - What's going to happen with with the regulatory enviornment with crypto?
  • (46:10) - Transparency in crypto will transfer to banks as well
  • (49:48) - What is currently inspiring you in this space?
  • (54:31) - FTX had nothing to do with crypto?
  • (56:10) - Wrap up and where to reach Ron & find out more about Bitwave

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Creators and Guests

Patrick White
Patrick White
SF Software Entrepreneur, CEO of Bitwave (Crypto Accounting) Angel investor, bitcoin fan. Former Synata, Cisco, & Microsoft
Rafael Casas
Rafael Casas
Rafael Casas is the Vice President of Business Development at Bitwave.
Ron Quaranta
Ron Quaranta
Founder and Chairman of Wall Street Blockchain Alliance
I'm an Engineer and I Really Like Accountants
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